Auto & Boat Detailing

Luxury Auto Detailing Offers Full Interior and Exterior Detail

Auto Detailing in Florida, that’s what everyone else calls it, but really, there are so many more words describing it. “Exterior & Exterior” are the first two words that come to mind. The car, truck or SUV has to look its best all the time and be free of any damage, both to the internal components, and to the appearance. And auto detailing isn’t just about making your vehicle look “professional;” it’s about making it run smoother, especially during transportation.

Every car or truck that leaves the lot has to go through auto detailing, and for good reason. “Exterior & exterior” detailing is just the beginning of a detailed car or truck. “Upper” detailing is the last step, and includes everything that goes on before, during and after paint and polish has been applied. Here’s where a car’s true beauty comes to life.

Quality, superior customer service and a beautiful end result are the cornerstones of professional auto detailing services. When you call someone with this type of expertise, you want to know your car is in the hands of professionals who know what they’re doing and who can give you accurate, quick and convenient service. Along with exceptional attention to detail, Florida boat and truck detailing services take special care to preserve your vehicles’ exterior appeal, which is why we offer classic boat cleaning and classic truck detailing services. The interior & exterior of your car or truck should be thoroughly cleaned of stains and dirt to protect it from fading. You also need to keep it clean of grease, oil and dust, and if there’s water damage or stains, we can restore your pore to its pristine condition.

Exterior & exterior detailing includes everything that surrounds the car or truck’s paint job. From sanding and cleaning the surface to polishing and waxing, the entire process of restoring an old car to its former glory is accomplished by skilled craftsmen. When restoring the exterior of your car or truck, we use only the highest quality products and techniques to ensure your vehicle will be looking as good as new. This includes everything from body filler to rust converter and all of the features your vehicle may have. Lux car & van owners will truly appreciate the detailing services our craftsmen offer, which starts with a full exterior detailing inspection before any work begins.

At St. Petersburg car detailing services, we start by inspecting the outside of your vehicle to determine the overall condition. Then we begin the detailing process with a custom inspection. From here we will provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your car or truck, as well as what services will be required to bring your vehicle back to tip-top shape. This includes such services as cleaning your car or truck of all spills and stains, waxing, exterior paint touch-ups, clear coat coating, and clear valve stems and drains.

Once the inside of your vehicle is addressed, we offer detailing services that include full interior cleaning. From the carpets to the upholstery, we will restore your vehicle to its original look. We also offer detailing services for automobiles with all different types of cabinetry from office chairs to TV stereos. Lux car & van owners enjoy all of these top quality services, along with the added benefit of complimentary installation and a warranty on all of our work.