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Differences Between Cabinet Refacing and Resurfacing

When it comes to home improvement projects, cabinet refacing can be a great way to give an old outdated or dilapidated cabinet new life in a fresh new design. Although many homeowners feel that cabinet refacing is not the same as cabinet restoration, it can be a useful tool to use when tackling an older home. Both cabinet refacing and cabinet restoration are similar in many ways, but they can still be very different. The goal of cabinet refacing is to provide a new look to a cabinet while at the same time, keeping the functionality of the cabinet intact.

Refacing involves repainting the cabinet, cleaning it, sanding it, and then applying a fresh coat of paint. In some cases, you may also have to replace some cabinet doors, or drawers, as well as install new cabinet knobs and pulls. All of these tasks are performed by professional cabinet refiners who are experts in cabinet doors and cabinet hardware. Although cabinet refacing is quite similar to cabinet restoration, there are some key differences between the two processes that you should be aware of before diving into either one. Below, you’ll find several things to keep in mind as you pursue cabinet refacing.

First, cabinet refacing is not the same as cabinet restoration. While both involve the same basic steps (re-painting, cleaning, sanding, and painting), they are very different from one another in a number of ways. While cabinet refacing may involve the same basic steps as other cabinet restoration projects (re-sealing and painting, for example), the steps involved are often very different because cabinet doors and hardware are unique and require different methods of installation and removal.

Refacing involves simply replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with similar looking products. This can be accomplished on your own, but many homeowners prefer to hire a professional cabinet refiner to make sure the job looks as good as it could. In addition, some cabinet refacing projects involve completely replacing the cabinetry. Although this can be costly, it’s an option for homeowners who wish to make a big change on a budget. And since cabinet refacing is often completed on your own, you don’t have to worry about paying contractors or fees for installation – the cost of this project will be taken care of entirely by the homeowner.

When it comes to cabinet refacing, you will need to think about how you paint the cabinets. Most homeowners to paint their cabinets using durable latex paint, which is available at most hardware stores. If you prefer to do the job yourself, it’s wise to invest in high quality latex paint so that you can avoid problems like drips and runs when you paint the cabinets. The benefit of using durable latex paint is that it will resist a wide range of staining techniques, including water-based stains, oil-based ones, and even paint thinner. If you choose to use petroleum-based paint, make sure you purchase latex-based products, which are much easier to clean.

While this method is certainly less expensive than replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, homeowners may prefer to save money by performing cabinet refacing instead. Whether you choose to reface the entire cabinet frame, or just touch up the hardware on the cabinets behind the old frames, the results can be remarkably similar. To help create a new look for your kitchen, take a trip to your local home improvement store or discount center. Look for used cabinet refacing kits that you can purchase for a few hundred dollars. If you’re not comfortable with painting, most cabinet refinishing company in Louisville sell stain-resistant cabinet fronts that will work just as well.